Albania's President Wants Information from PM on Talks with Greek Counterpart

President Ilir Meta has requested official information from Prime Minister Edi Rama regarding the issue of the maritime border with Greece after the statements of official Athens that it will expand its territoral sea waters to 12 miles, according to "BalkanWeb".
In a letter to Rama made public on Monday Meta seeks information on the position of the Albanian government on this issue, which has aroused much debate.
The Head of State also wants to know what Prime Minister Rama has discussed with his Greek counterpart, Kyriakos Mitsotakis.
"Considering the extraordinary national, state, geostrategic, economic importance and not only that this issue has for the Republic of Albania, as well as the high sensitivity of the public opinion, I request a detailed information on the following:
- the communication you had with the Prime Minister of Greece and / or senior Greek officials on this issue;
- the official position of the Albanian government towards such a decision and the consequences, including the international ones;
- the actions that are planned to be taken by the Albanian government towards the consequences that may arise by such a unilateral act of Greece," said the letter. /