Battle of Warsaw, Russian Ambassador to Tirana Reacts on Article of Polish Counterpart

Russian Ambassador to Tirana Mikhail Afanasiev has reacted to an article by his Polish counterpart Karol Bachura in Tirana on the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Warsaw.
The Russian diplomat considered as a politicization of history the Polish ambassador's article in the newspaper "Dita" on August 15, which recalled the 1920 Warsaw battle between the Poles and the Red Army.
Ambassador Afanasiev emphasizes that the article does not mention historical truths and is more suited to the Polish side.
"I could not help but pay attention to the publication in the newspapers ADN and "Dita" of the article of my Polish colleague on the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Warsaw. In the words of Lord D’Abernon, the Battle of Warsaw has been described as “one of the most important battles in the history of mankind” in it. Perhaps, this definition fits the history of Poland. However, I have doubts that it can be used for Europe, let alone for all of humanity.
Unfortunately, the temptation to politicize history, to highlight those pages, which are more convenient for one side or the other, often arises. In this case the truth is a very delicate object, to discover it very serious scientific arguments are needed. To facilitate political dialogue on the above-mentioned topic the Polish-Russian Group on complex issues was established years ago whose purpose was to bring closer the views, attitudes of both countries towards historical issues. There are a lot of difficult issues in our bilateral relations, so to move forward we just need to find a common language," the Russian ambassador wrote. Full article of the Russian Ambassador Afanasiev is published at/ in Albanian. //