Death Toll, Infectious from COVID19 Up Ten Times Since Lifting of Lockdown in Albania

TIRANA - Situation is alarming in Albania as the so called alert criteria set by Health Ministry and the phantom Technical Committee last May have already been met:
156 new infected cases over the last 24 hours, 168 hospitalised patients and a death toll amounting to 266 since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The COVID-19 statics revealed on Thursday by the Health Ministry are as following: Total tests 59,617, pozitive cases 9,083, recovered patients 4,791, active cases 4,026 and fatalities 266.
"Currently in the Infectious Diseases Hospital and "Shefqet Ndroqi" Hospital in Tirana168 patients confirmed positive with COVID-19 are being treated and 14 are in intensive therapy of which 7 are intubated. We inform you that in the two COVID hospitals there are also receiving specialized services 42 citizens who have been positive with COVID-19 and are currently negative, but are continuing to receive hospital treatment for the consequences of the disease," said the daily medical bulletin on Thursday.
The bulletin of Ministry of Health includes the ritual appeal to the citizens "not to reduce their vigilance for any moment, respecting the established measures."
But the well known medical specialist, Erion Dasho raised the suspicion on Thursday in a post on social networks quoted by local media that persons who lose their lives from the group of suspected patients (who are thought to be at least as many as those who are announced) are not reported at all as they pass away at home.
"Numerous citizens are reportedly being followed at home, even with oxygen sources and advanced medical procedures like CPAP," he said. Dr. Dasho had an appeal like all citizens to learn from the authorities the following:
"How many patients with COVID-19 are there in Albanian hospitals and how many people have died from the virus? Is there any trustworthy source of information in the country to rely on?"

Expressing the concern on the unchecked spread of the virus and the unreliable information on the pandemic situation the former PM, Sali Berisha, a veteran leader of the opposition Democratic Party and a doctor by profession, said on Thursday: "Albania is the only country on the planet in which 6 months after the outbreak of the pandemic, the cases of those infected with COVID-19 per day as well as the death toll from the virus compared to the quarantine period has increased by ten times." //