Europe’s Youngest Nation to Boost Testing Amid Covid-19 Hit

Kosovo is one of the most deadliest places in the world right now for coronavirus.
The Balkan state, where more than half of the 1.8 million population is under the age of 25, has recorded 54.2 fatalities per million people resulting from Covid-19 in the past week -- just ahead of second-placed Colombia. While new infections during the same period are better, Kosovo also tops that chart if the range is expanded to a month.
There are several reasons behind the trends. Since breaking away from Serbia following a bloody war, Kosovo remains one of Europe’s poorest states, reliant on remittances from citizens who’ve left for more affluent parts of the continent. Corruption, meanwhile, has held back the development of the health system.
Politics, however, appears to have been the major contributing factor -- as it has in many parts of the globe where responses to the virus have proved lacking./Bloomberg