Nimanbegu Says Albanians Can Hardly Be in Next Montenegrin Government

Former Deputy Speaker of the Montenegrin Parliament Genci Nimanbegu says in an interview with Radio Free Europe that the result of the parliamentary elections in Montenegro, which has brought close to power the pro-Serbian opposition is a consequence of the economic situation, the feeling of injustice and the Law on Religious Freedom.
Nimbanbegu, who led the Albanian List in the August 30th elections, says Albanians can hardly be part of the next Montenegrin government.
He neither accepts nor denies the possibility of a coalition with the current pro-Serbian opposition, but says that the latter has expressed itself with anti-Albanian statements in the past.
"We demand improvement of our identity and economic status," says Nimanbegu.
"Although the turnout was very high in these elections, the votes for Albanians did not result in three seats as it was expected, but I believe that these two seats will be more qualitative in the way of representation," he said. Further on, the former Albanian Montenegrin deputy Speaker found it very difficult that Albanians can be part of the new Government of Montenegro. "So far, we have really had many conflicts with pro-Serbian parties. I was a member of the Parliament of Montenegro. and cooperation should be done reciprocally and accepting our political views."
But Nimanbegu said it was too early to rule out or accept a possible coalition with the pro-Serbian opposition because no official offer had been made.
"Therefore, I do not want to make media statements that we are for or against the future government. We will take steps according to our assessments, what is better for our representation and our future, but always trying to preserve our identity, political attitudes.We demand improvement in our status, both identity and economic,"
he said./