PM Rejects Existence of Secret Sea Deal with Greece

TIRANA - There's no secret sea agreement between Albania and Greece as such accords are effective when they bear seals and signatures, has said PM Edi Rama.
In a lengthy reply on Saturday on social networks to his criticizers rejecting the accusations of opposition of a secret deal with Greece to the detriment of Albanian national interests, Rama asked if anyone had seen any signed and sealed document.
"No you have not seen, because there is not and there is no way to have one," he said
reminding that he was at the head of the opposition, when he brought to the Constitutional Court, a previous agreement on the maritime borders with Greece, signed and sealed by Lulzim Basha, with the blessing and public protection of Sali Berisha and Ilir Meta.
"In my opinion, that agreement violated the national interest. Yes, not because that's what my mind told me, but because this is how a patriotic soldier like Myslim Pasha judged him, who publicly and professionally raised the concern over what the same Lulzim had signed, who today deals with low rumors to catch at sea of ignorance, any more sardines for the rusty pan of opposition," he said.
Rama revealed that Albania wants to reach an agreement with Greece on this question as it has been done with other countries. "We consider Greece among the closest strategic partners together with Italy and Turkey. We do not have territorial claims towards Greece and Greece doesn't have any towards us," said PM Rama praising the excellent friendly relations between the two people but that relationship has not excelled in the political aspect./