Steep Rise of Hospitalizations of C19 Infected Persons in Albania

TIRANA - The steady rise of hospitalization of people infected with COVID-19 has kept momentum climaxing to 173 patients on Friday putting Albanian poor health system in a hard situation
"Currently 173 patients confirmed positive with COVID-19 are being treated at the hospitals of Infectious Diseases and "Shefqet Ndroqi" in Tirana and 18 are in intensive therapy of which 8 patients are intubated," said the Ministry of Health which reported that 112 positive cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in the last 24 hours.
Meanwhile, five other patients lost their lives because of the serious virus, bringing the total number of victims to 271.
"We remind citizens that all gatherings are prohibited as they are a source of spreading the infection, endangering the health of you and your relatives," said the daily medical bulletin on Friday.
It is also repeated the appeal to wear the masks a preventing measure which is not applied at all in Albania.
This issue was touched upon by the DP senior official, Tritan Shehu who reminded that starting from Friday mask wearing is mandatory in Paris even outdoors.
"And France is not the only country in this regard having already made it a methodology of a developed global strategy," Shehu said.
"While our Prime Minister mocks the masks of those who use them without sparing even the doctors for this, he underestimated the tests and ironized Greece for its health requirements, leading the country from "failure to failure" thus turning it into the Covid "Black Sheep" of Europe, isolated and heading towards the worst," he said concluding by saying:"In fact, this is how he resembles the President of Sudan, who declares zero cases there, but also zero tests." /