1920 War of Vlora Commemorated Paying Tribute to Local People

"The War of Vlora is one of the most special wars in the world history of wars in view of its end," said Prime Minister Edi Rama while speaking on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the ‘War of Vlora’.

The event was organized in Vlora, a city in southern Albania, on Wednesday which gathered the highest officials of this country, including President Ilir Meta, Speaker Gramoz Ruci and PM Edi Rama.

However, the leader of the opposition Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha, and the chairwoman of the opposition Socialist Movement for Integration, Monika Kryemadhi, did not attend the commemoration.

"A war won by the side that was objectively lost. If Independence proclaimed 8 years before the Vlora War showed the world that Albanians existed, it is the Vlora War that showed for the first time that the Albanian state also existed and had the strength to exercise equal rights in relation to any other sovereign ethnicity,"Rama said.

Rama: Lufta e Vlorës, më e veçanta në historinë botërore të luftërave

According to him, this is why the Vlora War is one of those moments of the formation of the new Albanian state. "This makes us all indebted to the people of Vlora twice, not only for the Independence, but also for the War of Vlora."

In addition Rama said that Albania was in danger of being worn in black again because of the secret Treaty of London, but the Americans supported what happened, even through their free press, since that time.

The participants were also greeted by President Meta who said the War of Vlora of 1920 was the truest war of Albania, which guaranteed the independence proclaimed by Ismail Qemali.

“It was the national fight for the territory, authority and thwarting the anti-Albanian schemes, which put in question Albania,” said the President./argumentum.al

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