A Career Italian Diplomat as New Head of OSCE's Tirana Office

The OSCE Office in Tirana will be headed by
Ambassador Vincenzo Del Monaco, a career Italian diplomat, who replaced the German diplomat Bernd Borchardt
The news on his appointment was distributed by the Office of the OSCE Presence in Italy.
Mr. Vincenzo Del Monaco has held important positions serving in Italian diplomacy since 1997.
In 2001 he held the position of First Economic and Trade Secretary in China. In 2005 he served as Italy's Representative to the EU. In 2009 he held the position of Secretary General of the President of the Republic in Italy. During 2013 he was appointed Ambassador to Montenegro. While since 2018 he has held the position of Ambassador of Italy to Armenia.

Vincenzo Del Monaco comes to the helm of the OSCE following the end of Bernd Borchardt's term. The latter, who took up that post in 2016, will be remembered for the insulting gestures he made to the protesters in Astir in Tirana and for the lack of institutional reaction during the one- party elections of June 30, 2019, as well as for the silence of the OSCE Presence over many illegal acts of the "Rama" government. /argumentum.al