'Albania at Work' Not in Asylum Is DP's Vision, Says Tabaku

Some 219,000 people have left Albania seeking asylum in European Union countries over the last seven years of Socialist Party governance, has said former Democratic Party (DP) lawmaker, Jorida Tabaku.
Publishing relevant figures of Albanian asylum seekers in a status on ‘Facebook’ on Sunday,Tabaku emphasized that this is the 'gift' left to Albanians by Rama's rule in these 7 years. According to her, the vision of the opposition Democratic Party is ‘Albania at Work and Albanians in their big home Albania’.
"Albania in asylum. This is the gift that Rama's government left to the Albanians in these 7 years. The facts are stubborn and no form of stale Renaissance propaganda can dispel them: 219,000 asylum seekers! An average of 31,307 Albanians a year seek asylum since the day Rama began speaking out and applying a barren vision of the economy and politics," said Tabaku. According to her, 1 in 3 asylum seekers are young.
A recent international report ranked Albania after Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq regarding the number of asylum seekers in European countries.
Tabaku blamed the SP government as a failure in everything except the desire to lie having no vision.
"Albania at Work and Albanians in their big home Albania. This is our vision, and we will work on this with seriousness and dedication every day," concluded her comment the DP senior official./argumentum.al