Albanian Companies Attend CIFTIS Online Launched in Beijing

Albanian companies have attended the China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) which opened in Beijing on September 4 providing both online and offline platforms for exhibitions, forums and business negotiations in different services trade sectors.

Glad to hear that Albanian companies will attend CIFTIS online. CIFTIS is a key platform for the international trade in the services sector to communicate ideas, connect supply and demand, share business opportunities, and seek mutual development,” said in a note on Twitter the Chinese Embassy on Monday.

The 2020 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) was launched on September 4 at the China National Convention Center in Beijing being the first major international economic and trade event held in China since the novel coronavirus outbreak garnering the participation of 18,000 companies and institutions from 148 countries and regions, reported Xinhua on Monday.

Combining various expos like the China Beijing International Cultural Industry Expo, Beijing International Tourism Expo, Beijing International Finance Expo, and World Winter Sports (Beijing) Expo, the CIFTIS which will end on September 9 focuses on services-driven sectors pertaining to culture, finance, winter sports, tourism, service robots, education, and 5G communication by setting up a comprehensive exhibition, eight thematic exhibitions, and several functional service areas, namely the model of “1+8+N.”

Considering the globally still raging COVID-19, the CIFTIS has put together online forums, exhibitions, and platforms for meetings and negotiations. During its six-day duration, the 2020 CIFTIS has held hundreds of summit forums, thematic forums, and industrial conferences, has released the most updated technologies, products, and demonstration service cases, as well as policy white papers, industrial standards, and development indexes among many others.

Situated in the Beijing Olympic Park, different thematic exhibition areas have been adorned in different colors, making it for easy to navigation, for example, the orange-colored area for cultural services exhibition, the blue one for winter sports, and yellow for financial services, dazzling visitors with their arrays of novel technologies and service products. /