Albanian Montenegrin Abazovic Eyed as FM of New Podgorica's Government

The leader of the "Black on White" platform, Dritan Abazovic, is expected to hold the post of foreign minister in Montenegro's new government. The news is announced by "Novosti", which has released details regarding the composition of the Government that will be led by Zdravko Krivokapic, INA reports.
According to Montenegrin media, Abazovic has played a crucial role in forming this government and eliminating the current power of Milo Djukanovic, who ruled this tiny Balkan country for almost 3 decades.
Abazovic has also been decisive in the program and tasks of the new Government, keeping in focus Kosovo and not affecting the recognition of NATO and Montenegro's path to the EU.
Asked about the possibility for Montenegro to withdraw the recognition of Kosovo's independence, he said: "Of course, we will be against and I think that this question will not even be put on the agenda, since it is a done deal. There is no return to the past."
He even says "I expect Belgrade and Pristina to find a common language in the near future and to reach an agreement in order to reduce tensions and enable the reconciliation process. Peace is priceless."
He said that everyone wants peace with Montenegro in the European Union having reconciliation and a higher standard of living than now.
"I am sure that dream can come true," he said.

Besides the two foreign ministers of Albania and Kosovo, and the election of Bujar Osmani as foreign minister in North Macedonia, Dritan Abazovic will be the fourth Albanian in the Western Balkans to hold the post of a country's foreign minister../