Albanian PM Expects Much from Improved Ties with Greece

"I'm happy to tell you that we are in a very positive situation with the Greek government to address all the issues that you are aware of," PM Edi Rama has told a group of Albanian emigrants in Athens whom he met on Wednesday.
According to him, the step taken by Prime Minister Mitsotaqis to pass legislation in parliament on driving licenses was an act of goodwill and a reflection of his sincerity in relation to the desire to have excellent relations between Albania and Greece.
Rama said there are still some issues to be addressed between the two countries.
"You know that even today a law of war of Greece is absurdly in force. The abolition of the law of war is the cornerstone to open a new era, because it also removes all the fog from which all kinds of wolves, hyenas and dogs benefit. In fact, it paves the way for all property issues to be resolved legally in national or international courts," said Rama who paid a visit to Greece where he held talks with his counterpart.
In this frame he revealed on the talks he had on the issue of the final solution of the problem of defining reciprocal maritime spaces between the two countries.
"I believe we are on the right track. I continue to think that the best way is to turn to a third party, or the International Court of Justice," he said adding that they had agreed that these things need to be resolved without wasting time.
Further on Rama said that as Albania is continuously interested in the quality of life and the rights of Albanians living in Greece,  the Greek government and its Prime Minister had the right to be interested in the rights of Greeks living in Albania.
"It is mutual and not only is it a legitimate request of each party to the other party, but it is also a moral, civic, state obligation that, whether Albanians living in Greece or Greeks living in Albania feel at home in all aspects enjoying the rights to property, children's education and learning in their mother tongue as well as the right to work and so on," he said.
Speaking of the Greek minority Rama said as there are problems for all Albanians there are problems for the Albanian citizens of Greek nationality. According to him, the issue in the case of the minority has a double sensitivity. "It is our sensitivity, it is also the sensitivity of the motherland country."

In conclusion PM Rama said: "I think we have the right partners at the right time for the right solution in Athens.I am convinced of that." /