Balla Says Socialist Majority Has No Time to Lose

"The open lists are already an irreversible fact and the constitution has clearly defined that on April 25 the citizens will vote not only for the party, but also for the candidate," said Secretary General of the Socialist Party (SP), Taulant Balla.
Balla, who is also Chairman of the SP parliamentary group, explained that the formula proposed by them is not "invented" by them, but is a model applied by countries such as Croatia, Belgium, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic.
The SP number two made those comments after the weekly meeting of the SP on Monday declaring that the majority will submit to the Parlianent the proposals on the Electoral Code very soon.
"The SP has made public a draft about this and we discussed it at the meeting. We encourage the Political Council to find common ground on changes to the electoral code. So we do not waste any more time in the Parliament and our proposals will be submitted," said Balla.
He hoped that the extra parliamentary opposition would continue the discussion encouraging it to contribute with proposals. "Our draft has taken into account 100 percent all the views of all political parties. I want to guarantee everyone that our proposal is implemented in countries that are close to us, such as Croatia, Belgium, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic."
Further on Balla said the electoral lists are 100% open. "The time when we made electoral codes according to inventions when coalitions could be built like the carriages of a freight train is gone," the SP number two said. /