British Ambassador against Changes to June 5 Accord

The UK supports the June 5 political agreement and if there is to be a continuation of the reform it must be transparent and consensual in Albania. This is what Ambassador Duncan Norman said from Shkodra, northern Albania, on Tuesday.
The Ambassador said they were in favor of the changes that took place on June 5 and the agreement that was accepted by all, and their opinion is that it should not change. If there was a continuation of the reform, it should be done in the most transparent way and with the right consensus, said the Ambassador.
Norman believes that free elections can take place in Albania. “I really believe that if there was political will, Albania could have free and fair solutions. This is something that can be achieved."
But at a time when the parties have entered a stalemate over constitutional changes Norman proposed an arbitration on the issue.
"It is the duty of the Political Council to find a consensus and I hope this will be possible but if this is not possible an arbitrary way will have to be found between the parties to reach a consensus," he said.
The DP-led United Opposition has requested OSCE / ODIHR arbitration, but the majority has refused such a move. /