Dacic: There's a 99% Chance that Thaci Will Be Arrested

The arrest of Hashim Thaci will be announced in The Hague, Serb Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dacic has said, pointing out that there is a 99 percent chance this will be done, according to telegraf. rs.
Dacic, who took part in the "Cirilica" talk show on Happy TV, said on Monday that Thaci knew what was in store for him, and that the court would not announce whether the indictment against him had been accepted or not.
"I don't know whether (Thaci) will be convicted or not. But the probability of him being arrested is 99 percent," said Dacic.
He pointed out that Serbia should not gloat over that, but look for evidence.
"We should learn from the Jews... to know every victim, history, to remember, to simply make that our national pain that we pass on from generation to generation," said Dacic.

He says that they should forgive, but that there are some people who cannot be forgiven, while they should not constantly apologize seemingly because, as he put it, they did not kill even more of Serbs.