DP- Led United Opposition Willing to Attend Political Council’s Meeting

The Democratic party (DP) led United Opposition has confirmed its participation in the meeting of the Political Council scheduled to be held on Monday evening warning that the pre-electoral coalitions are untouchable as part of the 5 June agreement.

This was said in a letter that the representatives of the DP and Socialist Movement for Integration Oerd Bylykbashi and Petrit Vasili respectively sent to Damian Gjiknuri, representative of the ruling Socialist Party in the Commission on Monday.

The inviolability of the pre-election coalitions as part of the agreement, the 100% open lists, the review of the rules of the game five months before the elections, all these are the arguments of the opposition before the meeting.

“The Socialist Party has undertaken an unprecedented act of breach of trust between the political parties through the unilateral amendment of the Constitution on issues affecting the elections in flagrant violation of the agreements of 14 January and 5 June,” said the letter.

In addition the opposition representatives said that despite the flagrant violation of the previous agreements, the United Opposition has shown and reconfirmed its willingness to stand by and respect the signed political agreement.

"In this context, the United Opposition stands by the June 5 Agreement and the January 14 Agreement and, despite the occasional provocations made by the Socialist Party, we are steadfast in our will to respect these agreements as the only way to protecting the interest of citizens and the expectations they have from the Electoral Reform, ”it is said in the letter.

The letter underlines that inclusiveness and consensus in setting the rules of the electoral race contribute to creating a stable political climate before the next elections and increase the chances of starting accession talks with the European Union.

“These should be the unifying goals of all political parties in Albania. The Democratic Party and the Coalition of the United Opposition are determined to maintain this goal as it has done so far by contributing to reaching a consensus on the adoption of electoral rules,” concluded the letter.

Albania is set to hold parliamentary elections on April 25 next year. /argumentum.al