DP Official Says Dismissal of OFL Director Evidence of Government's Links with Crime

Since its creation the Task Force 'Operation Force of Law' (OFL) has been an illusion because the power is in the hands of crime in the government of PM Edi Rama, has said the senior Democratic Party (DP) official, Enkelejd Alibeaj
The OFL director, Artan Shkëmbi was fired on Monday under the charges of corruption.
"The case of the cooperation of the head of OFL with organized crime shows the falsity of the vetting process in the police and the state of penetration of the crime in the State Police," said Alibeaj, a former Justice Minister during the rule of DP, in a statement on Monday.
A few months ago, Shkëmbi successfully passed the vetting process in the police, proving that the Ministry of Interior, the intelligence service and other structures, in fact, do not function, he said. "They are the facade of the power in the so-called fight against crime."
The DP official said that the real institutions would not have waited for the international partners, but would have discovered themselves that the head of the most important police structure is bought by organized crime.

Alibeaj said the case of the OFL leader collaborating with crime is not an isolated case. "Indeed, the head of the OFL has done neither less nor more than the prime minister of a country whose situation is out of control, because he also knows very well that his days as government head are numbered," said the DP official.