DP's Basha Pledges a 9% Flat Tax in Albania

The leader of the opposition Democratic Party (DP), Lulzim Basha, has placed special importance on the flat tax of 9 percent, which he called the 'backbone' of a healthy economy. According to him, that is also the way through which the middle class of Albanian society would be consolidated.
"The 9% flat tax is a way through which we will consolidate the middle class. It is the backbone of a healthy and sustainable economy in the city and the countryside," he said.
Further on the DP head said during the last 7 yearsv government of Edi Rama has increased taxes more than any other government before, mismanaging and abusing them like never before.
"We will review the entire current tax package to facilitate procedures for local and foreign businesses and investors. I know we will have to make important decisions and we will take them together," he said on Saturday
In addition Basha said DP's target is to have a stable society with a solid middle class and institutions serving citizens rather than and the parties.
This is part of the promises of the DP in the frame of the push for winning support eying the general elections to be held in Albania on April 5 next year. /argumentum.al