Early Call of Ruling SP to Albanians to Participate in April 25 Elections

Ruling Socialist Party (SP) gathered on Wednesday the meeting of the Central Electoral Staff signaling a full start of the election campaign in Albania with an appeal to any citizen to participate in the poll.
"My call to every Albanian citizen is to participate in the April 25 elections. I hope that we will not have calls by the opposition for the citizens not to participate in the elections," said Taulant Balla, head of the electoral staff in a news conference on Wednesday.
According to him, elections are for the people, not for the parties whose duty is to participate in elections. "The people must vote and choose the right direction. In this context, this is the discussion that will be weekly in our central electoral headquarters," said Balla, SP secretary general.
Asked about the urge of the US Ambassador, Yuri Kim regarding the selection of candidates for deputues Balla said that since the Congress of February 28- March 1, SP has made significant statutory changes, which are linked with the approach taken by the Albanian Parliament on the law of decriminalization.
"I think that the Socialist Party of Albania hss been the first party to apply this in the statutory rules," he said.
Albania will hold regular parliamentary elections on April 25 next year decreed by the head of state a few days ago. /argumentum.al