Edi Rama, double playing!

By Ayhan Demir

Anadolu Agency reported a remarkable news on September 25. At least he managed to get my attention.

Let's take a look at the headline first: "Some FETO affiliated schools in Albania have been closed."

Now let's move on to the beginning of the news: "The Albanian Council of Ministers decided to close three schools affiliated with the Fetullah Terrorist Organization operating in the country." 

This continues: "Hafız Abdullah Zemblaku madrasah in Görice, Ali Korça Madrasah in Kavalye and Memorial International School of Tirana-MIST schools in Tirana were closed within the scope of the decision."

Note: This decision, published on the official website of the Albanian Council of Ministers, was taken by the proposal of the Minister of Education,  Sports and Youth .

The opinion of every person who sees and reads the news will probably be as follows: "FETÖ is bleeding in Albania."

This is the opinion of the Albanian media: “After meeting with Erdogan, Edi Rama closed all of Gülen's schools. News, Turkey announced excitedly as the Albanian government agency. "

This is another: "They have links with FETO terrorists" / Erdogan's pressure, Turkish media: "Gülenist" schools were closed in Albania. "

I wonder if the facts are exactly as they are told? 

Let's see.. 

First of all: Neither in the decision of the Council of Ministers, nor in the content of the news; There is no information about the reason for the "closure" of FETÖ schools. Yes, there is an action, but there is no justification!

One thing is clear: If there was a genuine "closure", there would be a reason. If the Albanian government was shut down by its will and will, the justification would have been said. However, there is no justification in the decree. It is contented with just saying "closed".

There is no need to think in detail: It seems that the Albanian government did not close the FETÖ schools. FETO supporters closed these schools voluntarily. More precisely, they pretended to close. 

What the Albanian government is doing; It consists of approving the decision taken by the FETO members, or rather, allowing the game they are playing.

Let us remind you: We wrote about the developments in the news of Anadolu Agency in Yeni Akit newspaper months ago. When we returned, we tried to explain the tax fraud of FETO members: FETÖ Fraud in Albania, July 1, 2020.

Let's say it once again at the expense of repetition: FETÖ, under the pretext of Covid-19; It made such a move to evade taxes from the Albanian state, to benefit from the shares received from students, to get rid of the financial burden of personnel payments and names they were uncomfortable with in schools.

Let's get to the "closure" incident ...

According to the Albanian constitution, education is secular. Religious representations in this country are protected by law. The opening and closing of schools affiliated to religious representations can be realized primarily at the request of religious representatives. 

Let's put it more clearly: The schools of religious representatives in Albania can of course be closed by the decision of the Albanian Council of Ministers. However, for this, the institution representing the school must first request this and then the Ministry of Education,  Sports and Youth must make a proposal to the Albanian Council of Ministers in the same direction. After these conditions are met, the Council of Ministers may approve the opening or closing of schools.

In summary: The madrasahs affiliated to the Islamic Union of Albania, which are under the control of FETO members, may be closed after the request of this institution, then the proposal of the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth and the approval of the Council of Ministers. 

And so it happened. 

But this is not mentioned in the news.

Let's come to another dimension of the issue ...

Turkey, through TIKA, millions of dollars in aid to Albania, continues to do so. Turkey, Albania also set up the airline. And after the earthquake in the city of Durrës, the construction of five hundred houses continues.

We can multiply the examples: Five old mosques and the restoration was done by three dormitories Turkey. All expenses of the Grand Mosque in Tirana were covered by our country. I hope the renewal of Shkodra Kurşunlu Mosque will start soon. 

In short: Turkey, Albania, while all this help, while supporting the Albanian government in trouble every time; Albania managers did what Turkey is doing what?

We asked the question, and let's give the answer: Nothing.

Two Turks who were found to have entered Albania with fake passports were forced to be deported. In addition, fetö'c the only one that is delivered to Turkey or closed no one Feton school. 

In return, the Albanian citizenship files of some FETO members are waiting at the presidency.

Let's get it together now. The "closure" of FETÖ schools consists of a well-fictionalized game. 

The tax fraud theater, which FETÖ has been preparing for months, was staged right after Edi Rama's meeting with President Erdogan. 

A Bosnian proverb says: " Both the wolves are full and the lambs are full (i vuk sit i ovce na broju) ."

I think this phrase best sums up the attitude of the Albanian administrators. However, Turkey should now give more premium to the theater. This double game of Albania should be called a "stop".