Ex-Speaker Topalli Accuses Basha and Rama of Fraudulent Pact on Electoral Threshold

The pre-election lists and coalitions are the controversial issues predominant on Albania's political scene, but Jozefina Topalli, a former Speaker, brings to the attention the question of the double electoral threshold of 3% in a post on her FB account on Wednesday.
"The double electoral threshold is an ugly attempt against the will of the citizens who want change. The opposition's silence on Rama's proposal for an additional threshold confirms the secret agreements aimed at preserving the chairmen's seats," said Topalli, a veteran Democratic Party (DP) figure staying far from it because of contradictions with current head Lulzim Basha.
"Changing the electoral system is not a bad thing in itself - it can be improved - but it is harmful when it changes just a few months before the elections and when it reduces the possibility of representing citizens seeking change," Topalli noted.
But, according to her, the electoral threshold is key in any electoral system.
The legal establishment of a second national electoral threshold is a hermetic closure of the old system of chairmen, she said.
"The new threshold proposed by the SP in agreement with the Chairman of the opposition through shameful silence is the biggest blow to Albanian democracy by law," Topalli said.
"Lulzim Basha's silence on Rama's proposal to set a double threshold is another confirmation of their deceitful game, as is the confirmation of secret agreements in calculating their personal policies and positions. It is against the interest of the citizens!" said Topalli./argumentum.al