Former PM Berisha Warns Schools Will Turn into ‘Biological Bombs’

"Opening of schools without any preparation and real anti-COVID measures poses a major risk to the lives of students, but also their transformation into biological bombs extremely dangerous to the society," has said the former PM, Sali Berisha, joining the voices of many senior officials and medical specialists who see the opening of schools on September 14 a potential threat of the aggravation of the pandemic in Albania.

According to Berisha, the veteran leader of the Democratic Party, the tenfold increase of the pandemic, of the new cases and deaths from COVID-19 in the second quarter of this year compared to the first quarter as in no other country on the globe and the exponential increase of cases of COVID-19 and fatalities from this virus in the last 30 days prove that the pandemic is totally out of control in Albania.

"This serious situation can be complicated and made even more explosive with the opening of schools," Berisha said, adding that schools should be opened only after representatives of the parents' committee with Public Health employees verify the conditions that exist and those that must be met in each school for their opening with full responsibility. Berisha mentioned Turkey, which decided on Tuesday to postpone for a second time the decision to open schools on September 21st although it has managed successfully the pandemic.

“I warn Edvin Hajduti (Editor’s note- PM Edi Rama) that he will be held responsible for all the consequences of the ignorant and adventurous management of COVID-19 in the country,” said Berisha, a doctor by profession.

In the meantime the daily medical bulletin of the Health Ministry confirmed on Wednesday that there were 151 new infected persons with COVID19 who were registered over the last 24 hours. There are 192 patients hospitalized in the two C19 hospitals in Tirana while the number of the recovered patients dropped to 45 cases. The death toll stands at 322 as of September 9, 2020. /