Italy's Referendum Cuts Number of MPs by One Third

Italians have voted by more than 67 percent to cut the number of seats in the lower and upper houses of parliament from 945 to 600, according to exit polls after a constitutional referendum on Monday.
The number of MPs in the lower house will be reduced from 634 to 400.
The referendum was pushed by the Five Star Movement, part of the governing coalition, which argued that the move would reduce costs.
The change is to be made by 2023 and to save €1bn over 10 years.
Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio, a senior Five Star figure, described the result as "historic".
"We can go back to having a normal parliament, with fewer privileges and 345 fewer seats," he said.
Italy also held local elections Monday, with the far-right gaining one region (Marche), but the centre-left retaining three regions.
The results were seen as a setback for far-right League leader Matteo Salvini and a boost for the centre left, which is part of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte's coalition government. /