Kosovo Pledges Loyalty to Strategic Partnership with Turkey

Kosovo has pledged to upgrade the friendly relations with Turkey and strengthen the strategic partnership between the two countries.
This reconfirmation was made by President Hashim Thaci who had been received by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday.
In a note released on Sunday on Twitter Thaci announced the meeting expressing his thanks for the 'warm hospitality'.
"Thankful to President R.T. Erdogan for the warm hospitality and productive conversation on all issues of mutual interest, including bilateral cooperation, regional and global issues," said Thaci.
Thaci's meeting with Erdogan comes as the
the Turkish President had complained a few days ago over Kosovo's diplomatic move towards Israel exchanging recognitions. Thaci stated that he had heard the dissatisfaction of Turkey and the Arab League by revealing the conversation with Erdogan and stressed that the point of the agreement signed in the White House would not affect relations with Turkey.
"We have received concerns from the Arab League, but also from President Erdogan regarding mutual recognition with Israel. I am in contact with President Erdogan, I discussed on the phone. This recognition will not in any way affect the strategic, friendly and fraternal partnership between Kosovo and Turkey, "Thaci said earlier.

But after the latest meeting with Erdogan Kosovo President said in his note on Twitter: "Our two nations enjoy friendly relations and will further strengthen the strategic partnership between Kosovo and Turkey. "/argumentum.al