Kosovo's Besa Came for Reunion But Left Albania with North-South Racial Legacy

Besa Shahini's departure from the post of Minister of Education, Youth and Sports on the first day of the new school year is seen in different ways in Albania.
Some say she quit because she realized that Rama, Socialist PM, no longer had her in his plans for the political future.
Others see it as an electoral tactic as it is known that education is seen as a good opportunity to collect votes.
Besa had not shown any closeness to the Socialist Party (SP) to come out and demand the vote of the teachers.
Others say she was fired and it is simply stated publicly that she was leaving on her own.
But what stood out most in this story was what Besa herself stated. Between the lines, she accused political exponents, but also citizens, that she had felt discriminated against because of her dialect.
Who remembers the reason for her joining the government it was exactly the opposite of that. Rama's strategy was to have Kosovo Albanians in the cabinet.
For this he chose two characters, such as Besa Shahini and Gent Cakaj, despite the fact that they had neither experience nor capacity for the task assigned to them.
Besa did not make any attempt to become Albanian of Albania, to adapt to country's  mentality, to change the emphasis of "Kosovar" dialect with the official standard Albanian, to become more popular on this side of the border.
In addition, she came as a person who would unite Albanians on this and other side here of the border. But with the statement as she left Besa overemphasized the issue of differences, even accusing of reaching the limits of racism, showing in fact that unification and integration had not been the goal, but her benefit.

Besa's quit is not the end of the world, but she showed that Albanians still have a lot to do in their unification. She also showed that an end should be put on experiments with characters who carry out their career and economic goals under the guise of union./argumentum.al