Macron Vows to Facilitate Reforms and New Gov't Formation in Lebanon

Macron's remarks come in the course of his second visit to the Middle Eastern nation in less than a month, and coincides with the 100th anniversary of the designation of Greater Lebanon under French mandate.

Emmanuel Macron has pledged to use his political clout to pave the way for reforms and the speedy formation of the new Lebanese government, as the French president made his second visit to the country after the devastating blast in early August.

Macron's visit comes against the backdrop of a political transition in the country following the resignation of Hassan Diab’s cabinet in the wake of the Beirut port blast.

Upon his arrival to the Lebanese capital, Macron pledged international support to the nation, provided that the country implements successful reforms.

The French leader had previously paid a visit to Beirut on 6 August, two days after the deadly explosion. Macron met with the country’s top executives, as well as civic leaders, to discuss the political and financial crisis that had been plaguing the country since before the explosion.

On Monday, Mustapha Adib, the country’s ambassador to Germany, was appointed the new prime minister and was tasked with forming the new government.

The massive 4 August blast was caused by the improper storage of 2,750 tonnes of explosive ammonium nitrate (confiscated by customs services in 2014) stored at the Beirut port; it caused widespread destruction and left at least 200 people killed. Thousands more were injured./sputniknews