Outspoken Opposition MP Rudina Hajdari Knows Who 'Pulled the Trigger' Assassinating Her Father

Opposition MP Rudina Hajdari spoke about the murder of her father, Azem Hajdari, revealing that she knows who were the people who pulled the trigger and shot at her father.
Invited to the show "Opinion" on Monday evening, Ms. Hajdari, who has become a prominent lawmaker for her harsh criticism of PM Edi Rama, confessed the last moments with his father. Shortly before the tragic event on September 12, 1988 in the evening of a rainy night, had coffee with her father who, as she said, was very enthusiastic that morning.
Albania was gripped by a grave political and economic crisis after the bloody turmoil in 1997 following the collapse of pyramid schemes in which a. large number of Albanians lost their lifesavings. Socialist Party was in power with Fatos Nano as government head at that time.
"Undoubtedly we know the whole event and we know who pulled that trigger. Justice has also announced who those people were, but it is not clear why these people did this, when Azem Hajdari was the man of the Albanians and was loved by all, "she said.

Many related political figures including DP veteran leader Sali Berisha made their revelations but he kept refusing to appear as a witness in a retrial of the assassination of the outspoken militant of DP, Azem Hajdari. He considered the retrial as a 'revenge'' against him. Hajdari was a close collaborator of Berisha who was in office at DP Headquarters when the former was shot dead./argumentum.al