PM Denies Existence of Sea Accord between Albania and Greece Mocking His Adversaries

Prime Minister Edi Rama has focused again on the issue of the Greek claims on the extension of sea territories to 12 miles, which has caused harsh reactions in Albanian politics.
From the rostrum of the Parliament in its first plenary session for this season on Monday, the head of government affirmed that there is no agreement between Albania and Greece on the issue of the sea, while he fiercely lashed out at his political rivals, starting with the chairman of the opposition DP, Lulzim Basha, the leader of SMI, Monika Kryemadhi, and President Ilir Meta.
"There is no verbal agreement on the territories of a country. There is no way it happens. We took that issue to the Constitutional Court and the result was the vote 9 to zero against a compromising agreement," Rama said in the speech full of offenses and mockeries against Basha, Kryemadhi and Meta.
Rama said that the speech of the president of Greece on the extension of the sea territorial waters to 12 miles has nothing to do with what is talked about.

"For you that love Albania very much but do not even know the map, there is no physical possibility, there is no physical space where there is a dividing space between Albania and Greece to exercise the right of 12 miles," said Rama. /