'PM Hoti Went for Recognition to Washington Bringing Harm, Shame and Danger to Kosovo'

Kosovo's Vetëvendosje (Self-determination) Movement on Tuesday criticized the government of Abdullah Hoti for the agreement signed in Washington on September 4.
Through a post on the official FB profile of the Movement, Vetëvendosje states that the government led by the Democratic League of Kosovo had promised to achieve recognition of independence in the United States, but it did not achieve this and moreover signed "a lot of damage” to the state.
"The illegitimate prime minister said he was going to Washington for mutual recognition, but returned with a lot of damage to the Republic without seeing its recognition.
So, they went for recognition, but instead agreed not to commit to membership in international organizations for a year. They went for recognition, while they agreed on the division of the Lake of Ujman. They went for recognition, while agreeing on the realization of Serbia's idea and goals for the Mini Schengen. They went for recognition, while agreeing to allow Serbia access to the Adriatic Sea. They went for recognition, meanwhile at the request of Serbia they removed the name "Republic". They went for recognition, while they brought harm, shame and danger," said Vetëvendosje in its public statement. /argumentum.al