PM Rama Says Albania Ready of Accesion Talks with EU If Its 'Internal Dynamics' Permit

"Regardless of what the European Council decides, which we know is a decision-making that depends much more on internal dynamics than on what we do, we will continue having will and patience," said PM Edi Rama, who, however, hoped that the first intergovernmental meeting with the EU will take place within this year.
In an interview with DW after a visit to Germany where he was invited to a policy-making forum in Bavaria, with a brief stay in Berlin, Rama said that even if it does not happen at the end of this year, it will happen next year. "I repeat that this is simply an issue, which has to do with the internal dynamics in the European Union."
EU has set 15 'home works' to be made by Albania before the start of the first intergovernmental meeting with the EU.
Asked about circles from the CDU / CSU group in the German Parliament that are reluctant to start negotiations with Albania as they are disappointed by the change of the Constitution that took place immediately after reaching an election agreement with strong interference from the international side Rama said Germany is a democratic country. "There is room for all voices in this country," he said.
"What I believe is that, in conclusion, we have done the right thing for our country, we have done the right thing for the electoral system, and we have done the right thing in the light of our ambition to further consolidate the electoral process. And I am convinced that despite the different views that are absolutely legitimate there will not be any reason to have any reservations about Albania."
Answering a question on his failure to meet Chancellor Angela Merkel Rama said: "I did not come on this trip to meet Chancellor Merkel. I came to attend the policy-making forum and last night's stop (September 17) in Berlin was simply to honor the invitation many politicians and entrepreneurs who wanted to share opinions with me and who have a special interest in Albania. We are in constant contact with the Chancellor and there are no problems."
Ahead of his trip to Germany PM Rama was on visits to Turkey and Greece, where he met with Turkish President Erdogan and Prime Minister Mitsotakis. DW asked him if Albania could intervene to mitigate the Greece-Turkey conflict.

"We are too small to do such a great job for the world. But I definitely believe that the opportunity to have our say, to have my say, is one way to foster communication, dialogue, and knowing the two leaders you mentioned I am convinced that if they sit down together, they will definitely find an indisputable political solution," said Rama../