President Sees One Culprit in Eventual Violation of 5 June Accord

If the 5 June Political Agreement is violated there will be only one culprit rather than more, has said President Ilir Meta.
Such a warning made by Meta in a press statement comes at a time when the majority is moving ahead with the changes to the Electoral Code despite opposition's strong rejection.
"There will be no two culprits, not even 4 if the agreement is violated, there will be only one, who puts his personal fate over the destiny of 4 million Albanians," said the President on Thursday.
Meta noted that unlike Northern Macedonia, which is making great progress, Albania is moving in the opposite direction regarding EU integration process.
North Macedonia is expected to start first intergovernmental session of the accession talks with EU in December this year but there is no fixed timing for Albania.
Meta said that the issue of opening the electoral lists belongs to the political parties and he wished for reflection by all involved sides.

"State issues and national interests are inviolable and must be respected equally by all." said Meta. //