President Starts Procedures to Set Date for 2021 Parliamentary Elections in Albania

TIRANA - Less than a year from the date for the holding of the new parliamentary elections, President Ilir Meta has started procedures to set a date in compliance with the relevant rules regulating the election of the new legislative.

In letters sent to the offices of the two main political forces, the ruling Socialist Party (SP) and opposition Democratic Party (DP), which was made public on Tuesday, Meta invited the respective leaders to consultations on the election date.

According to the letters, the state head asked to meet the Prime Minister Edi Rama and the chairman of the opposition, Lulzim Basha on Friday at 11:00 and and 12:00 respectively.

In the letters addressed to the general secretaries of the two political forces, Meta stated that after the entry into force of the consensual changes to the Electoral Code and following the good tradition, he has decided to start the process of consultations with political parties in order to set the election date for the new Parliament.

According to the new amendments to the electoral code, approved by consensus by the Political Council and adopted by Parliament, the election period will be from April 15 to May 15, 2021.

Earlier, President Meta said during his weekly conference that he is ready to decree as the date of elections the first Sunday within this period, which coincides with April 18, 2021. /