President to Majority: "Do Not Be Afraid to Open Lists!"

Escalating his warnings against any violation of the June 5 political agreement on the election reform, President Ilir Meta has reminded the Socialist Party (SP) majority that it would be punished by citizens in such a case.
Through a Facebook status on Sunday Meta appealed for the opening of the electoral lists, which has become a bone of contention between majority and non- parliamentary opposition.
Albanians will go to polls on April 25 next year to elect a new 140-member Parliament.
"Any fraudulent maneuver that deprives citizens of the right to elect their own deputies, as promised, only with the intention of unilaterally terminating the June 5 Agreement, will be severely punished by all citizens who have been seeking deputies for 12 years and not chairmen's dolls," said the President who threatened the majority a few days ago that he could dissolve Parliament something which was harshly criticized by PM Edi Rama.

"Do not be afraid to open the lists!" President Meta told the SP majority../