President Urges Majority to Restore Hope and Sovereignty to People

"Albania does not deserve to be ranked among these countries! Albania deserves only a European future! "Enough with the Wrong Direction of Authoritarianism, Arrogance, Corruption and Stupidity, which are impoverishing and exhausting Albanians so much, forcing them to leave the country," said President Ilir Meta in a comment on a 2019-2020 report which ranks Albania the fourth on the list of the countries whose citizens apply for asylum abroad.

Meta noted that Albania does not deserve to be ranked along Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran as he demands not to continue in the wrong direction.

"The first step for returning to the right direction is to adhere point by point to the June 5 Agreement and not deviate from it by even a millimeter," said the Head of State.

According to him, hope can be brought back to Albanians by restoring sovereignty in people’s hands.

"To restore hope by restoring sovereignty in the hands of the people, by opening the lists 100% and fulfilling all EU conditions!" concluded President Meta the comment released on social networks on Wednesday. /