Rama Says Ruling Socialist Party Is the Best Alternative for Albanians

Ruling Socialist Party (SP) has turned on the 'engines' of the electoral campaign in the autumn political season with a meeting of the parliamentary group held in the city of Elbasan on Tuesday.
The main speaker of the event was the leader of this party, Edi Rama, Albania's PM, who unveiled the duties of Socialist deputies on the eve of the 2021 parliamentary elections.
Comparing the majority with the opposition, he said that Albanians know very well that they have no better alternative.
Rama said, among other things, that if elections were to be held this Sunday, the SP would win, but according to him, this is not enough.
"I have no doubt that if elections were held this Sunday, we would have won. But I do not believe that we would win the hearts of those who voted for us, or did not vote for us, nor would they vote for the force or group of forces that are facing us," he said, adding that SP would get fewer votes than it deserves."Whereas they (opposition) would have received fewer votes than 3 years ago. People expect a lot more from us, and nothing from them. And they are right," said PM.
Rama put a question if he was the best prime minister of Albanians and the Socialist deputies the best MPs. He answered himself by saying that Albanians today do not have a better alternative than him and SP deputies, and they know it.
"Most of them do not discuss it, but it is not enough for me and for them neither," said Rama.
The meeting decided the appointment of the political leaders of this party for each region to run the electoral campaign. /argumentum.al