Schools to Start on Monday as C19 Cases Up, 10 Teachers of a School Confirmed Infected

As schools will open across Albania on September 14 there is an atmosphere of uncertainty against the backdrop of rising cases of COVID-19 affected people and fatalities.
Moreover 10 teachers of Jeronim de Rada school comprising one- fourth of its teaching staff were reported to be positive one day ahead of the opening of the doors of that school in Tirana.
But the Health Ministry didn't report on this case. Instead it said in its daily medical bulletin on Sunday that the structures of the health system are ready to cope with any problem, as well as to identify and isolate in time any suspected case at schools.
Giving details of the epidemiological situation it said that 877 tests had been performed on suspected COVID-19 infected, and 168 citizens have been identified affected by the virus.
In the meantime the bulletin said that 4 patients passed away over the last 24 hours. The death toll is up to 334 since the outbreak of the epidemic last March.
According to the latest data, 178 patients are being treated in the Infectious Diseases and "Shefqet Ndroqi" hospitals, and 19 are in intensive therapy out of which 9 patients are intubated.
The opposition has stepped up its warning of the high dangers for the health safety of teachers, pupils and students and their families. According to its senior officials the safety measures are inexistent in most of the schools and the DP official, Albana Vokshi called the case of the infected teachers at Jeronim de Rada school alarming.
The case of De Rada school proves that the massive testing of teachers is a just and urgent request. /