Socialist PM Doesn't Change Mind on Adoption of Amended Electoral Code

After his two- day trip to Vlora last weekend Prime Minister Edi Rama held a meeting with Socialist Party (SP) leaders of the regions on Monday morning showing that the electoral campaign is at full steam.
According  to reports of Socialist sources,  the meeting that started early this morning at the SP headquarters lasted about an hour. The main topic of discussion was  the electoral campaign and the April 25 elections to be held next year in Albania.
"Rama has given special orders for the organization of the campaign for the April 25 elections," said BalkanWeb.
In the meantime nothing has changed to the agenda of the majority which as announced will take action on the amended Electoral Code in the next plenary session of Parliament.
But the United Opposition forces have sent to the Political Council the draft for the 'real' opening of the electoral lists. The draft also provides that the united opposition asks for the coalitions be preserved as they are in the current law.

The opposition reiterated its request to the ODIHR for mediation to resolve the dispute./