The Council of Albanian Ambassadors hails the agreement between Kosovo and Serbia with mediation of USA

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors ( CAA) has followed attentively the developments related to the negotiations held  in Washington between the delegations of the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Serbia mediated by the United States of America.

We hold that the accords reached in Washington intended primarily to normalize economic relations between the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Serbia are an important step towards the stability and prosperity of the whole region by and large.

However, the process of normalization of relations between Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Serbia will be over only when Serbia recognizes Kosovo’s independence and gives up any idea or platform designed to impair the territorial sovereignty, integrity and the functionality of the Republic of Kosovo.

The CAA considers the recognition of Kosovo’s Independence by the State of Israel and the establishment of diplomatic relations between them as an historic moment, which consolidates the international position of the State of Kosovo and confirms the historic bonds between Albanian and Hebrew peoples.

CAA is encouraged by US active role in the process of the normalization of the relations between the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Serbia. This does once again confirm the US ongoing and irreplaceable role for the freedom and independence of Kosovo, as well as for peace and democracy in the Balkans.

The Euro-Atlantic umbrella is the strongest assurance for peace and security in our region and the major pillar of the values of democracy, the rule of law and social justice.

The CAA does firmly believe that the USA and the European states that have for years on end contributed to peace and stability in Western Balkans will support Kosovo’s prospect for membership to NATO and to the EU. At a time of present political agendas and tendencies in our region that view its future beyond the Euro-Atlantic track, the strong EU and NATO anchorship in the region becomes even more indispensable.

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors takes this opportunity to emphasize that the Albanian people, wherever they are is a nation with a strong vocation to the European values, a nation with a diversity of confessions living in full harmony among them.

Tiranë, 5 September 2020


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