Top Officer in Charge of 'Force of Law' Fired Suspected of Secrets' Leakage in Favor of ISIS Exponent

In a surprise move the director of the Central Directorate in the Criminal Police Department at the General Directorate of Police of Albania, Artan Shkëmbi has been suspended from duty.
It is reported that the suspension was taken by a decision of the Court against Organized Crime and Corruption on charges of corruption and leakage of investigative secrecy.
The order for his suspension from office of the chief of what is known Task Force 'Operation Force of Law'  (OFL), which was made public on Monday, bears the signature of the general director of State Police, Ardi Veliu.
It was the internationals who brought information that Director Shkembi is involved in corruption and leaking investigative secrecy. It is mentioned his  involvement with a property declaration form of Shkelzen Dumani, a person who was killed in Syria 6 years ago fighting as part of ISIS.

A few months ago, Artan Shkëmbi successfully passed the Vetting process in the police being clean in all three evaluation criteria, that of wealth, purity of image and professional side../