US Delegation Pledges Economic Support to Serbia and Kosovo

"Serbs and Americans in Belgrade singing about Alabama and West Virginia is an amazing night." This post is released by the US presidential envoy for Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, Richard Grenell describing a festive dinner with Serb President Alexander Vucic on Tuesday.
Grenell and his 13- member team was in Kosovo before traveling to Belgrade.
As it was reported by AP on Tuesday the US delegation pledged support to Serbia and Kosovo after the deal struck at the White House.
The American visiting officials said it will be moved forward with helping to boost business and investment between Serbia and Kosovo after the former war foes agreed at the White House this month to work together to normalize economic relations.
American officials visited Serbia's capital of Belgrade after traveling to Kosovo on Monday, in what is seen as a sign of growing US interest in Europe's tense southeastern Balkan region.
The US delegation brought together representatives from the Serbian and Kosovar business chambers and met top government officials later Tuesday./