Vučić Unveils Serbia's Accord with US Denying Existence of Any Deal with Kosovo

Serb President Aleksander Vučić has clarified that there was no trilateral agreement in Washington but a bilateral agreement that Serbia made with the United States, according to the website of Serb presidency.
Vučić considered Kosovo as a third party not recognised as a subject of international law.
"This is not a trilateral agreement. The difference is important. So, this is an agreement that Serbia made with the United States; a third party is not recognised as a subject of international law. This is extremely important for us, and I thank President Trump - especially for having a long bilateral meeting with the Serbian delegation," President Vučić told reporters after signing the agreement in the White House on September 4.
Ignoring Kosovo Vučić said: "Through this bilateral agreement, we are directly arranging relations with one of the two greatest world powers - to address economy, above all, and some political issues that are not extremely painful for our country."
He emphasised that the agreement envisages opening of the US Development Finance Corporation office in Belgrade, but that this will not happen for anyone else in the region. "This will imply a strong signal to all credit agencies and investors, both American and Western European, to invest in our country," said President Vučić, adding that the United States will oversee important projects with Serbia. In the meantime Vučić announced that Pristina representatives had undertook to join the Mini Schengen, which, as he said, "is important not only for Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija but also for Serbia as we will thus obtain a single market and ensure a freer flow of people, capital and services".
Vučic revealed that there was a big fight between Serb delegates and the hosts (US) over the call for recognition of Kosovo by Israel.
"They thought we should call on Israel to recognise Kosovo, and we said we couldn't because it undermines our policy. We said that if Israel and Priština agree on that - fine. We also told Israel that if they respect Serbia, then our country will move the embassy to Jerusalem," said President Vučić. He also stated that the agreement arranges for a moratorium on Pristina's applications for membership in international organisations, as well as a recognition campaign led by Belgrade.
"We focused on getting the best out of our interests and not arguing over every issue," said President Vučić, adding that the agreement also included resolving the issue of missing persons, decriminalising homosexuality, which Serbia has done a long time ago, and condemning Hezbollah, which is the wish of the United States because they pursue such a policy.
President Vučić said that the talks which will follow in Brussels on September 7 will be difficult. /