Abazovic Warns No Place in Montenegro’s Coalition Gov’t of Those Who Burned NATO Flag

Those who burned NATO flags should not be in the Ministry of Defense of Montenegro. This was made public by the leader of the URA Civic Movement, Dritan Abazovic, in an interview on Vijesti TV on Sunday during which he spoke about the formation of the new coalition government of this tiny Balkan country.

Abazovic said he was pleased with the progress made in creating Montenegro's new government institutions, which are expected to be set up very soon.  "I hope that the dynamics set by the mandated prime minister will be respected," said the Albanian Montenegrin politician.

Speaking about the departments of ministries, he reiterated that they are interested in the security sector. "We have said we need to cover the security sector because of the clear Euro-Atlantic orientation," said Abazovic. Earlier it was hinted that he could get the portfolio of the foreign ministry.

URA’s head added that the people who burned NATO flags should not be in the Ministry of Defense. "It does not seem logical to me," he said. There are political circles backed by Montenegrin Serb community who have demanded that Montenegro quit NATO and discontinue the process of the EU membership.

Abazovic stressed that his party insists on the establishment of an expert government and that some of the names mentioned in the media were acceptable to them in the next government. /argumentum.al