Albanian List's Head in Montenegro Says to Cooperate with Government for People's Benefits

National parties should cooperate with the government, which was elected by the will of the people in democratic and fair elections, said the head of the Albanian List, Nik Gjeloshaj, stating that Prime Minister-designate Zdravko Krivokapic informed him that the demands of that party were acceptable.
Gjeloshaj was quoted by Mina news agency on Saturday as saying that the Albanian List received huge support from Albanians for the realization of the political platform it presented to them.
"We are of the opinion that national parties should not and do not have the orientation to represent their people through strong opposition activities, but should cooperate with the government that was elected by the will of the people in democratic and fair elections," said Gjeloshaj.
According to him, the Albanian List, representing its people, talked to the prime minister-designate, who is backed by the majority of deputies elected by the people in the Parliament of Montenegro, i.e 41 deputies.
"As responsible politicians, we presented the program to our voters, and proposed to the prime minister that the basic determinants of our program be part of the program of the new government," Gjeloshaj said in a statement to the media.
According to him, those who respect their voters behave in that way.
"The Albanian List is a serious and responsible political entity. It is nobody's business and it will not be, because we are accountable to voters who continuously elect us. We are accountable to our people and we have an obligation to improve the lives of our compatriots and all Montenegrin citizens," Gjeloshaj said.
Further on he said that the Albanian List strives to make a difference in relation to most political entities, because it has "program requirements that represent postulates that are not questioned, and not personnel solutions that suit individuals."
"The goal is unity and good representation of the interests of our people," Gjeloshaj added.
Representatives of the Albanian List, as he stated, are responsible people who are successful in their professions. "Politics is not easy to deal with because it always implies a dose of sacrifice, but the desire is to contribute to the equality of all citizens of Montenegro and the economic development of the country."
According to Gjeloshaj, the representatives of the Albanian List look everyone in the eye, especially those who want to cooperate honestly.
"Cooperation is our possibility and our decision. We do not owe anyone anything except our voters who supported us to realize the program," he said, pointing out that no member of the Albanian List received real estate, non-refundable loans, abused his position and never had any affair or suspicion of illegal work.
In conclusion the head of Albanian List, Gjeloshaj said they pledge to work honestly in the future because of being representatives of the people. /