Albanian Montenegrin Abazovic Predicts Government Ready on November 8

The leader of the URA Civic Movement, Dritan Abazovic, said he was satisfied with the dynamics of the negotiations on the formation of the new Montenegrin government and expects it to be formed by November 8.
Abazovic noted that the decision of the Bosniak Party not to enter the new government was expected for him, but that he respects the opinion of the members of the leadership of this party to respond negatively to the invitation.
He told the Podgorica-based Vijesti newspaper that the decision was legal and that there was still an opportunity for co-operation.
"The new government will have Bosniaks and Albanians. No one is claiming to represent certain peoples. All minority parties have the door open," he said.
Abazovic said that in some departments of the outgoing government, documentation is being destroyed and that a vacuum is currently being used to hire and provide individuals with better positions.
The leader of the platform "Black on White" has not confirmed or denied the information that he is a candidate for Minister of Defense.

So far what is official is that opposition leader Zdravko Krivokapic has been endorsed as the next premiere of Montenegro./