Albanian Montenegrin Abazović Reveals New Government of Experts Expected on Nov. 8

The new Montenegrin Government will be a cabinet of experts, it was agreed on Friday at the meeting of Prime Minister-designate Zdravko Krivokapic and representatives of the coalition For the Future of Montenegro, Peace is our nation and Black and white, reported MINA news agency.
The leader of the Civic Movement URA, Dritan Abazović, said that Krivokapić received support to announce the names of his team.
"Not all names are known to us, that's a matter for the team. The concept of expert government prevailed. I expect that there will be no politicians in it," Abazovic told reporters after the meeting.
When asked on how the division of departments will be made Abazović answered that they had left all competencies to the prime minister.
"We trust him, and I think he will choose the best people," Abazovic said.

According to him, Krivokapic should present  the government composition by November 8./