Albanian MP in Serbian Parliament: "Presevo, Bujanoc and Medvegja Are Exemplary Region of Discrimination"

The only opposition in the Serbian Parliament are the 6 deputies of the Presevo Valley and SDA SANDZAK parliamentary group, who will not back the new government and Speaker Ivica Dacic, has said the Albanian deputy, Shaip Kamberi in the constitutive plenary session of the legislative labelling democracy in Serbia as worse than under former president Slobodan Milosevic
“We cannot vote for such government and parliament Speaker,” said Kamberi of the Albanian Democratic Alternative, which is represented with 4 MPs in the new legislative of Serbia, in a passionate speech on Wednesday as quoted by Kosovo media outlets.
The newly elected speaker Ivica Dacic has been the Foreign Minister in the previous government and is well known for his anti- Albanian stance.
“This new government is a continuation of the past ones, which have never fulfilled the decisions for the Presevo Valley,” Kamberi noted.
Ivica Dacic accused Kamberi of despising and insulting the parliament, and said that he won’t allow this to happen.
“Dacic warned me that he would not allow such speeches, but we will not stop, despite the measures he can take," "amberi told Kosovo’s public broadcaster RTK during an interview.
The MP also added that none of the three agreements signed between ethnic Albanians and the Serbian government since 2001 have been implemented.
“One of the agreements is signed by Dacic himself. However, despite the measures they can take, we will continue to highlight our problems,” Kamberi said.
“If out of 250 MPS, only 6 are from the opposition and there is no tolerance for those six, it speaks of the level of democracy there,” he said.
In his speech in Parliament Kamberi stressed that Presevo, Bujanoc and Medvegja are the exemplary region of discrimination today.
"The old methods of discrimination are replaced with "invisible" contemporary forms of repression. The region remains under "legitimate" military-police isolation being scarcely represented in state institutions and with a "reasonable" lack of investment," he said adding that he could provide statistics.
Furthermore Kamberi told RTLive that "my speech revealed the truth of democracy in Serbia and its crimes committed in former Yugoslavia, respectively in Kosovo. And today it was shown the true face of Serbia and the fragility of democracy."
It is reported that Kamberi's speech has sparked up harsh reactions in Belgrade, including President Aleksandar Vucic.
But the Albanian deputy has retorted saying that they will not stop irrespective of the measures that can be taken.

"Freedom of speech is allowed by law and the regulation of the Parliament," said Kamberi.