Ballsh Oil Women Threaten to Have Their Children on Hunger Strike

The hunger strike of Ballsh oil women workers continues entering its 10th day on Saturday with the protesters declaring unanimously that they feel bad and that the stress and silence of Prime Minister Edi Rama are killing them.
Among other things, they have warned of further escalation of the situation threatening to have on strike even their children.
"Do not force us to bring the children here. Wages are non-negotiable. We will continue the hunger strike. We come out only dead from here," said the strikers as quoted by local media on Saturday.
Sharing the joy of the 10th anniversary of his marriage with a private idyllic photo kissing his wife Linda, a well to do banker, PM Rama has rejected again any meeting with the hunger strikers urging them to quit the strike.
This demand has been categorically turned down by the strikers who fear that is the usual way to cheat on them. /