Basha Warns Albania Is Plunging into Abyss

"Any additional suffering for Albanians during these months does not only come from the pandemic, but comes from Edi Rama and his corruption schemes," has said the chairman of the Democratic Party (DP), Lulzim Basha.
Speaking at a press conference on Wednesday, Basha said that Albanian tax money continues to be misused by a handful of oligarchs.
According to him, the reason why Edi Rama pretends not to have heard of DP's 5-point plan is the constant flow of budget money for corruption schemes.
On the other hand, Basha said there is no reaction from the government on the news that COVID 1 and 2 hospitals are full with patients infected by the virus. "The prosecution should have launched an investigation into the inactions of Edi Rama and the Minister of Health."
Basha warned that there is no longer any minute to wait because the country is plunging into a dead end towards the abyss.
In the meantime he said Albania must take measures like the countries of the region. "The measures taken by the countries of the region are enough to judge whether Albania is doing what it should."
Basha noted that 2,500 tests a day is the minimum this government should do, which is entirely possible.
Further on the DP head said that PM Rama had promised the third aid package and that is another of his unfulfilled promises. According to him, the way the government head treats Albanians, doctors and nurses is criminal. In conclusion Basha said that the lockdown of the country can be avoided if DP's 5- point plan is implemented. /