DP Head Asks Who Is the 'Big Fish' Standing behind Incinerators' Affair

"I think we saw the 'Big Fish' jumping out of trouble in a studio!" With these words the chairman of the Democratic Party (DP), Lulzim Basha described the approach of PM Edi Rama regarding the controversial issue of incinerators in an interview with a local TV on Monday.
Dwelling on the incinerators, Basha said that 75 million euros were taken from the Albanian citizens for three incinerators, two of which, according to him, do not exist.
According to him, neither Tirana nor Fier have incinerators, although the money was taken. "They received 75 million euros, but they invested 20%. Where is the rest of the money? But even though so much has been invested, Albania is mired by garbage."
The question is, according to Basha, who is the big fish in Albania ?! "I think we saw the big fish jump out of trouble in one of the studios in Albania. I think all this leads us to a person who has power and it is Edi Rama. Who else can make something happen?" he said.
In addition Basha accused the government of mismanaging the pandemic situation, while adding that many businesses are in a deep economic crisis.
The leader of the Democrats also recalled the five-point plan proposed by the DP, emphasizing that if it had been considered by the government then many families would have been helped.
"The territory is controlled by people who are afraid and who hide something, otherwise they have nothing to fear.
One of the most important aspects of good pandemic management is to ensure that citizens are helped," he said.
Further on the opposition leader said Albania has been hit very hard by this crisis. "So we came up with a concrete proposal that would help the citizens. Even Serbia has no decline, but growth even during this situation in the pandemic."